Claire Crowfoot jewelry is handcrafted using gold, sterling silver and gemstones, in British Columbia in the Cowichan Valley. 

ABout Claire

Claire Crowfoot Jewelry is a collection inspired by the Sea. Growing up on Vancouver Island has shaped Claire’s aesthetic into what it is today. Her studio is situated in a salty rainforest, where towering cedars kiss the cold shores of the Salish Sea. Claire Crowfoot Jewelry celebrates the beauty of ancient gemstones, which are forged deep in the fires of the Earth, then hand-cut and set in curving arcs of gold and silver. Her jewelry is the perfect yin and yang of raw beauty tempered by clean, simple lines. We believe in jewelry that is timeless, elegant, and classic. The pieces are versatile and playful, meant to be dressed up or dressed down. They are designed to be worn, and enjoyed for years to come. We believe in using beautiful, high quality materials. We hand-select sumptuous gemstones and pearls from around the Globe. Our pieces are hand crafted from 24k Gold Vermeil, 14k Goldfill, and Sterling Silver. At Claire Crowfoot Jewelry we are committed to ethical, responsible manufacturing. Claire designs each piece of jewelry in her studio on Vancouver Island. She creates most of the pieces, and has some of the collection handcrafted by artisans in Jaipur, India. We have the pleasure of working with a small, family-run team in India, and are proud to create a high quality product made in a socially conscious way. The jewelry collections are designed with clean lines and an emphasis on simplicity, allowing the natural beauty of the gemstones to shine through. Each collection is unique and is created in limited runs. The pieces are available until they sell out. Claire believes that the jewelry you choose to wear represents who you are and who you want to be. A genuine connection to the Earth and Self.

Claire Crowfoot is a jewelry designer who's studio is in the beautiful Cowichan valley. Her stunning and delicate pieces can be warn along or layered to create your ideal look.  

ABOUT the showroom

Our Showroom is located in the picturesque fishing village of Cowichan Bay, on Vancouver Island. We are lucky enough to be nestled in the lower level of a unique stilt home. Built at the turn of the century and lovingly restored, the Showroom is perched on stilts and sits directly over the Ocean. When you enter the Showroom, you hear the tides lapping under your feet, the boats softly jangling in their berths, and the sea birds calling to each other. It’s a beautiful space, and a feeling of calm serenity washes over you when you come through the door. If you’re lucky, Orcas will make an appearance in the Bay while you’re visiting.