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From a hand-forged, hammered circle fall Three sparkling discs of gold. These beautiful earrings are dynamic, playful and full of movement. Sitting at just the right length, these glittering stud-style earrings are the perfect compliment to any outfit. The Andromeda earrings are hands-down Claire’s favourite in the Collection. These earrings will give you life!


14k Gold filled.

1 inch in length

Available in Sterling Silver


According to Sacred Geometry, the Circle is a two dimensional Shadow of the Sphere. No beginning and no end. Wearing these circular arcs of gold in your ears inspires the flow of energy through the throat chakra, and prevents blockage. Their design inspires movement and expression through the chakra, encouraging the natural expression of oneself.

Helps the wearer to find their truth, purpose in life, and their authentic self

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