Five perfect gemstone circles are balanced on a curving golden arc. Frozen mid-orbit in a beautifully symmetrical statement piece. The Aries necklace is hand crafted from five sparkling gemstones carefully set into 24k gold vermeil cups. Rose Quartz, Opals, and Moonstone nestle together in soft, shimmering pinks and golds.


Gold Vermeil setting and Chain. Measures 14 inches plus a 2” extender

Available in Sterling Silver


Rose Quartz is the Gemstone of Universal love. It opens up the heart chakra, and purifies the heart at all levels to encourage and attract all forms of love. Moonstone, said to be created from solidified moonbeams, is the Stone of New Beginnings. Opal is a stone of love and gentleness, calming turbulent emotions and releasing anger. These three gemstones combined are invaluable in assisting the wearer to release anger and create space for love, goodwill, and happiness.

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