Delia Necklace Black Spinel

Delia Necklace Black Spinel


The Delia Necklace is a true Showstopper! This gorgeous necklace is almost three feet of shimmering, jet-black Spinel. Each gemstone is carefully hand-selected and wire-wrapped in gold. A huge Spinel focal pendant rests at the end of the striking gemstone chain. Spinel, more than any other gemstone, warms beautifully against the skin, making it absolutely delightful to wear. Although it is a rich, deep black colour, the gemstone has a magnificent sparkling shine.

The Delia necklace can be worn shorter, illuminating your collarbone, or longer, as a stunning layering piece. The gleam of these gemstones brings an elegant and classic air to any outfit.


Vermeil Chain. Measures 30 inches.


Spinel is a truly special gemstone. You will notice that it has a beautiful weight, which belies its sparkling, shimmering surface. It is a protective stone that repels negativity and grounds the wearer. Black Spinel absorbs anger and resentment and helps release anxiety, grief and stress. It helps one release the past and move forward into the future with joy.

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