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Beautiful in its simplicity, the Mother Medallion is a Talisman dedicated to the Mothers in our lives!  Hand crafted in Italy for this Collection, a gold Medallion stamped with the likeness of Mother Mary is suspended from a delicate gold chain. A simple yet elegant every day piece, the Mother Medallion is a daily memento of beauty, grace, and goodwill.

Created to sit at the collarbone, this piece will suit any neckline.


Gold Filled. Measures 16 inches


Mary, the Talisman of Mothers, represents maternal devotion, love and protection. A symbol of childbearing and motherhood; of strength, resilience and power. The Mother Medallion attracts light, brings positive energy, and banishes negative emotions. It represents the quiet courage, femininity, and beauty that lies in the journey of becoming, and being, a Mother. 

Symbolizing the Unconditional Love that only a Mother could know, this beautiful piece is dedicated to the Mothers in our lives. 

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