Beautiful hues of green, blue and purple shimmer from within the labradorite. As the light catches each hand-cut facet in the face of the gem, a new colour sparks across the surface. Truly spectacular, and the changing colour means they go with everything! You will never want to take these off.


Canadian-mined Labradorite

24k Gold Vermeil. 9mm

Available in Sterling Silver


* Labradorite, as the stone of transformation, is completely unique from one piece to the next


Labradorite is the Stone of Transformation. It banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in one’s self and trust in the Universe. A stone of magic, Labradorite repels negative energy, and helps to bring our the best in people. When worn, Labradorite guards your energy from other people, balances and protects the aura, and grounds the wearer.

Ancient Inuit Lore speaks of the Northern Lights once being trapped in the Earth. When finally they were released, the Lights left flashing remnants of themselves forever trapped in Stone... as Labradorite. Created by the Gods and captured in the Earth, each piece of Labradorite is said to contain within it a Blueprint of the Universe.

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