This gorgeous bracelet is a true Showstopper! Claire’s favorite of the Saltspring bracelet collection. Aquamarine gemstones float beside flashing sapphire and moonstone in this gorgeous bracelet. Soft hues of greens and blues are reminiscent of a warm tropical Sea. Both simple and stunning, it’s the perfect every day piece. The gems are carefully hand-cut to catch the light and glow softly on your wrist.

The decadence of the Silver Sapphire and Moonstone accent drops elevate this stunning bracelet into a true statement piece. Their shimmering beauty  is otherworldly!


Aquamarine gemstones

Moonstone and Sapphire Gemstone Accent Drops

Sterling Silver

Available in Gold Filled


Aquamarine is the stone of the Sea. In ancient times it was believed to be a gift from the mermaids It helps the throat chakra to open, and communication to flow like water. The stone of courage, Aquamarine is good for healing the heart and speaking one’s truth.

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