SALTSPRING moonstone om bracelet

SALTSPRING moonstone om bracelet


Your new every day essential! Gorgeous, flashing blue moonstones shimmer gracefully on your wrist. Said to be created from solidified moonbeams, this unearthly gemstone glows with blue fire. Paired with a golden OM charm, this softly feminine bracelet goes perfectly with any outfit, day or night.


Moonstone Gemstones

Gold Vermeil OM charm


* As mysterious as the moon herself, each moonstone gem embodies something a little different from one gem to the next


Moonstone is the stone of New Beginnings, Inner growth and Strength. A useful companion through change, it soothes emotional instability and stress. Wearing moonstone can help you to connect with and honour your inner goddess.

The Om charm represents everything in existence. It is the seed of all creation and contains the power of the Universe. It is the beginning, middle and end. Wearing Om connects us to all living things, and helps to center and ground the wearer.

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